Variando Villas

The privately unique Variando Villas provide luxurious setting for meetings, seminars, concerts and celebrations

Villa Concerto

The Villa Concerto, located in Kouvola in South Eastern Finland, creates luxurious setting for meetings, training seminars, concerts, recreational activities and for celebrations. It is ideal location for weddings and for corporate management gatherings. In this 365 square meter building there are meeting, sauna, accommodation and kitchen facilities suitable also for larger groups.

Villa Lakeview Golf

The Villa Lakeview Golf, located in the city of Lahti, in Päijät-Häme region, is a luxurious conference and holiday villa. It resides next to pristine nature and beach, and there is also a golf course nearby. There are five bedrooms for two persons each in this villa, plus sauna facilities and a well equipped kitchen.

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